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SAP Crystal Reports  v.2011 SP2

SAP Crystal Reports software enables you to easily design interactive reports and connect them to virtually any data source. Your users can benefit from on-report sorting and filtering - giving them the power to execute decisions instantly. And

Crystal Reports Viewer for Mac OS  v.2008

A free standalone .rpt file viewer that allows you to open, view, and explore interactive reports straight from your desktop. Whether you work online or not, you can create customized views of the data without the need for a report designer or

Crystal Reports for Eclipse  v.1.0.4

Powerful Reporting Solution Designed Specifically for Java Application Developers Crystal Reports for Eclipse is a powerful, Java based reporting solution that uses a 100% pure Java report designer and engine, it allows developers to create and

Crystal Reports Viewer XI

Crystal Reports Viewer XI is a free standalone .rpt file viewer that allows users to open, explore and view reports straight from their desktop when working both off and online. They can generate customized views of the data without the need of a

Crystal Reports Regex Library  v.rc

A simple regular expression library for Crystal Reports. Written in C/C++ with a certain amount of guesswork on the memory management. Installation: Copy the dll to:- C:Program FilesBusiness ObjectsCommon3.5bin or the

Visual Basic Objects for Crystal Reports  v.1.0

(See the homepage for more info). Long term goal - A simple reusable set of VB objects for use with Great Plains and Crystal Reports apps. Current development: a crystal reports ActiveX control to simplify printing reports (for the benefit of the end ...

Basic Crystal Reports Server  v.1.0

Java EE application to publish proprietary Crystal Reports (rpt) over the web.

Crystal Reports Preview em PHP  v.1.0

Uma transcrio do cristal reports preview originalmente escrito em ASP pela empresa business

Crystal Delivery  v.5.8.8

Crystal Delivery is an automatic exporter for Crystal Reports. Crystal Delivery can export to PDF, XLS, XLS (data only), RPT, DOC, CSV, TXT, RTF, HTML, XML, Record, Print, or E-mail. Crystal Delivery can export ChartRunner Reports to JPEG, BMP, EMF,

Crystal Passage  v.1.0.6

Crystal Passage is scheduler and automatic exporter for Crystal Reports. Crystal Passage can export to PDF, XLS, DOC, CSV, TXT, RTF, HTML, XML, Record, Print, or E-mail. Crystal Passage is guarantees it will work

BZbyte Reports  v.2.0.1alpha

BZbyte reports is a fully web based reporting solution created to provide a commercial quality cross platform professional open source alternative to expensive reporting packages such as Crystal Reports(tm), and others. Visit:

NRV  v.beta.0.6

NRV extends the viewer from jasperreports,it detects report parameters and creates input-controls at runtime (supports date-jcalendar,text,comboboxes). A standalone java api, that can run also as an applet in a webbrowser. Like Crystal reports but in

LGX Report Liberator Edition  v.7.3.11

New LGX Report Liberator Edition Delivers A Powerful, Web Based Alternative to Crystal Reports LogiXML"s New LGX Report Liberator Edition is available for download at no charge LogiXML is now delivering LGX Report Liberator Edition, its free, zero

Codabar Barcode Premium Package  v.2.1

Barcodesoft Codabar Premium Package is an application which allows users to print Codabar barcodes from desktop printers. It is able to encode numeric data. There are 14 fonts, a crystal reports UFL DLL and a GUI encoder included in the package.The

IDAutomation Code 128 Barcode Fonts for Mac OS  v.10.10

Easily print Code 128 barcodes with this advanced font package. The download includes examples for Crystal Reports, Microsoft Excel, Word and Access. Complies to ANSI and European (CEN) standards. Includes over 30 font tools, macros and source code

Check by Phone  v.1.0

Check by phone is an web based solution that inputs financial information to a MSSQL DB and allows an seperate backend to connect using Crystal Reports to print MICR encoded

EXaro  v.2.0.0

eXaro it's a free report engine similar to Jasper or Crystal Reports. eXaro can be embedded very easy in any Qt application. eXaro has an integrated preview with search and export (in different formats) capabilities. eXaro came with a visual

MySQL report writer  v.1.0

Objective is to develop a report writer similar to Crystal Reports which allows to generate flexible reports from data stored in MySQL dbase,later we will try to come with a generalized library which generates reports irrespective of database

CuteReport  v.0.2

CuteReport is a free report solutions inspired by eXaro project ideas. It's similar to Jasper and Crystal Reports. CuteReport is based on Qt4 framework and can be easily used with any Qt applications. Generaly CureReport consists of two parts: ...

Legato Savegroup Parser  v.1.0

This project is a Java program for legato that parses savegroup alert into a database. Crystal reports or a Web interface will be written to create reports on this data.

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